Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dia 6 - Martes, Mayo 8

It was another full day of work (and fun) here at Casa Posibilidades. Once again, we worked at various jobs throughout the day...more painting, concrete work, deep cleaning the kitchen, digging post holes, weeding the gardens etc.

Then later in the afternoon we split up: the young boys went to a soccer game, a few team members went to help fulfill a dream for a couple to have hearing assessments (read about this dream HERE) and the rest of the team went to the families down by the river to give lice removal treatments to some of the girls and a couple of moms.  The pictures will help tell the story.

In the back field area behind/beside the main property - Rick & Lisa shared the "big" dream for this property. Wow...can't wait to see THIS dream fulfilled!
Peter doing some touch up painting

Loïs digging post holes for a fence

Björn and Jorge closing in what used to be the garage

Lisa is officially the master gardener!
Steve and Joey rehung the chandelier in the palapa (after cleaning it and fixing it up)
LOTS of help cleaning and organizing the kitchen - cupboards, fridge, pantry etc

Lisa's reaction to the clean kitchen??
Lauren with one of the girls that lives by the river (where we did lice removal treatment)

The girl wanted a photo with Wendy as well (and Wendy didn't mind at all)
Below, are a couple pics that show part one of a current dream - ear examinations for a mom and dad who are deaf (very little hearing...but may be helped with proper hearing aids) 

Lilianna's mom (Patti) having her ears checked

Lilianna's dad having his ears checked (see the link above to read about this dream)

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