Monday, May 7, 2012

Dia 4 & 5 in Linares, Mexico

We had some trouble with the internet had a slight delay in our blog updates.  But, we go!

Sunday (Day 4) we attended a service at a small church here in Linares. (when I say small, I'm talking 20 or 25 seats inside). So our group pretty much doubled church attendance that day. The people were SO welcoming.  We arrived shortly before the service started and enjoyed some homemade tacos, sopes and pan (sweet breads). As Sam would say, "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!".  At the end of the service before dismissing anyone, the congregation planned a little get together in order to have a chance to feed us and extend their hospitality.  So, on Wednesday night we are going to a ranch for a special meal.  Can't wait!

We enjoyed some down time in the afternoon on Sunday, and then went into town for the WORLD'S BEST HOTDOGS.  I'm not kidding! They are huge, delicious and have a variety of toppings: mushrooms, cheese, bacon, spicy potatoes ( a topping), pineapple and all the normal ones too.
Here's Alex working on his footlong hot dog

Anna managed to eat the whole thing! Wow!

Today (Monday) was another workday at "the Quinta" (nickname for the orphanage property).  Some of our projects included: hanging lighting, finishing mudding the laundry room, painting the laundry room, cleaning up the building materials, whitewashing the walls, painting the walls, weeding the gardens etc.  Sadly, I don't have a lot of pics to post today - but there will be lots more coming!!!

This next photo will help make up for it though...

The boss man has taken the iam1ru swag too far, don't you think?
Judy moving the construction garbage to the back property

Wendy & Arlene cleaning up the construction waste
After the temperatures hit about 38 degrees (NOT counting humidity) and we were all melting...a few of us slipped out to do some "dream work". We met with a couple families to gather information about possible dreams.  One of them is currently posted on the site HERE.

The grandma/mom...has several health issues - and her husband recently lost his job.

Grandma with her granddaughter Rosa.
This is Liliana (far right). Her dream is to help her parents hear.  It's currently posted on the website.

The pile of garbage you see behind them?  It's their house.

Well, it's been a long day and it's time to say, Hasta Luego...or  Buenas Noches...or Buenos Dias (depending when you are reading this).

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