Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dia 3 - and it's hotter than hot!

Today was a great day.  We hosted Bethany orphanage - approx. 30 kids and 6-8 leaders - and other "friends of Casa Posibilidades" to an all-day fiesta that ended with a pig roast!

After breakfast, we did a yard clean up and put up some decorations in anticipation of their arrival. We were so excited to have them come - to meet the children and to treat the workers to some special surprises.

While we waited, some of the team practiced their skipping skills.

The trampoline was a big hit...we had to limit to 4 kids at a time.

Normally, graffiti is a bad thing...but not in this case. Rick, in particular, was thrilled to have the children use sidewalk chalk ALL over the walls of the orphanage.

Sam "took one for the team" in the soccer game

Lisa won over a sweet young man

Lisa eating a Mexican corn treat with a little girl that lost her first tooth!! (the corn is a typical food here  - they spread mayonnaise on a cob and then chili powder.  Not bad!)

The man in the pic is Juan - who helps out here at Casa P.  His family travels around sharing their musical talents. They treated us to a few songs.

We handed out stuffed animals to the kids before they left

Tommy made a buddy - he wouldn't leave his side

We taught them the "Hokey Pokey" (and then had to sing it at least 6 different times throughout the day)

Taylor getting ready to hand out some watermelon

Anna colouring with the kids

Lisa giving a pedicure to one of the hardworking "house moms" at the orphanage.  (we treated each of the house moms to a pedicure, manicure and shoulder massage)

A group shot - team iam1ru Mexico with the Burseys and the Bethany crew

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  1. Thanks for the update...looks like you are having fun...and it looks like you will be VERY tired when you come home!!