Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dia 8 - preparations for "Adios"

As they say, "all good things must come to an end". And this week...this trip...certainly has been a "good thing".  What a great time we shared together - working and serving. Today, we took a rest/tourist day (we try to do a bit of this on every trip we take). It's an opportunity to build relationships, enjoy the culture and catch our breath from all the hard work (and the heat!!)

It worked out well for us to spend the day in the city of Monterrey because Calvin (the intern who has been working with the Burseys for the past 2 months) needed to go to the airport today.  So, on our way, we stopped at an artisan market to pick up some souvenirs then headed downtown for some lunch, sightseeing and more shopping.  We had planned to stop at the spot where Special Agent Lauren Pauls went bungee jumping a few weeks back....but unfortunately, when we got there, we found out that they are closed during the week. (this took the pressure off of Sam who was considering a jump). So, we took a hike up to a beautiful waterfall and enjoyed a light snack.  Then supper...then home for a closing meeting where we shared our experiences and shed a few tears.  We are sad to say our goodbyes and adios's....but happy to head home to family and friends. Thanks for following us on the blog and sharing a piece of our journey. Hasta Luego

Loïs riding a wild horse

Taylor took a turn as well

Tommy sneaking up beside a lizard (in a SUPER cool pet shop that has anacondas, a kangaroo, a chimp, a leopard and more!!)

Lisa and Taylor soaking up the scenery on our hike

Cooling off their feet in the river (the waterfall is can see a small glimpse)

Enjoying the playground (why don't we have rides like this in Canada??)

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