Sunday, January 9, 2011

I choose Jackson & Gracia!

It has always amazed me how we can make our lives so difficult and complicated.  Every once and a while it is good to find out where you stand when it is all stripped away.  What do I stand for?  What is my life about?  If given a choice....what would I choose.  During my time in Mexico I have once again come "face to face" with my clarity.
Jackson Bursey is 9 years old(he is the youngest son of our Dream Agents Rick & Lisa Bursey in Mexico).  When he eats chicken wings, he gets more sauce on his face than most adults would like.  Jackson does not care...he enjoys his wings and can always clean up later.  For most of you Jackson is just a kid....but to me...he is a wise philosopher beyond his years.  Earlier this year Jackson wrote the following on the family whiteboard...
You can have all your high priced jobs....hectic schedules and the running of yourselves ragged.  I like the simplicity of Jackson's life view.  I choose Jackson.....wing sauce and all.

Many of you might remember Gracia.  She was our first dream realized in Mexico.  She had a badly crossed eye.
I got to meet Gracia in person tonight.  It has been months since she had her operation that some of you "everyday philanthropists" sponsored.  Oh my goodness!

This is a pic of Gracia with her mother and brother.

As I held this young girl I was overwhelmed with joy as I recognized again the "power of hope".
If my life was about having a huge bank account, I would be doing something else....if it was about prestige, I would not be doing what I am doing.  If I was making the choice afresh & fame vs Gracia?  I choose Gracia.  No doubting.  No looking back.
I thank God that I have a wife that supports me in this whole crazy pursuit of "building a nation of everyday philanthropists".  We will never have a huge house and a sports car....she does not care....I love you baby!  You one person, we choose "wing sauced" Jackson, and Gracia.  

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