Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, January 8th in Linares, Mexico

What a day!  We were able to go to Jesus's house and see him.  Not sure if you remember him but he is the guy that was hit by a car while riding his bike....two broken legs...needed an operation to ever have hope of walking again.  Well....we posted the dream on our iam1ru "dream machine" and it got sponsored.  We had a great visit today and he is well on his way to recovery.
One of the coolest things was that we had extra money come in (about $200) and we were able to give it to him today.  It was an incredible blessing as it was going to help him pay some extra hospital bills.  Come on now!

Marta, if you remember, was the lady we got a bike for as she was walking about 15km's a day for work.  It was about 3-4 hours of walking.  We dropped by her "house" today for a visit.  Jorden....I can see what you mean.  This house will not do.  We will be exploring options over the next couple months.

Just to give you an idea....this is part of Marta's roof on the inside of her house.  As you can see....when it leaks....dirt floor...sides are like the roof....enough said!  We will keep you updated.

Then it was off to what will be the "mother" of all orphanages in Mexico.  It is an incredible piece of property.  Rick & Lisa have found  the "diamond in the rough".  It will be an incredible blessing to children and also to the people of this region.  I am not going to show too many pic as we will be showing more later.
Above is the courtyard.  Truly, this is an incredible building and property.  Imagine a place where abandoned children are treated like precious gifts and taught that they can make a difference.  Imagine the iam1ru Mexico headquarters where teams stay on same property as children and together to they make difference in Mexico.  Hello?  Are you tracking with me?
The property had its own well.  Ken was totally "pumped" about this lovely well.  He is excited.

Sam does not look impressed.  Nothing could be further from the truth...this is his pose when his mind is "whirling" with possibilities.  This property caused a lot of whirling.
The owner of this property built it with complete excellence.  This excellence will be used to impact a generation of young people.  Stay tuned.  This is going to be incredible.

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  1. C'mon now! Lets get Marta a new/improved house!! :D

    Special Agent Johnstone