Friday, January 7, 2011

Special Agents Marlow & Johnstone's last report.

Hello Nation of 'Everyday Philanthropists' - The last few days of our work in Linares, Mexico where busy and full days, however we did not have hydro for a few days and could not send any reports so I will give you a little wrap up Special Agents Marlow and Johnstone's time fulfilling dreams.

Day 7
Monday morning the clan woke up early, Rick and the guys went out to pick up the wood for Francisco's house and we got started. The team tore down the front of the house and rebuilt the front wall. It was a bit of a puzzle as in Mexico there is no such thing as standard cuts of wood. Nonetheless, we got the wall up, looking great. Taylor and Desiree had a blast with the power saw, and Juan showed off his 'special skills.' There were some war wounds including Emanuel's shin from a piece of wood flying at him after Rick smacked it with a Hammer. At lunch the girls went home to make sandwiches to find there was no hydro in the house. We survived though and ended the day watching a movie at Juan and Desiree's. Before we left the River where we were building, Fransisco's wife walked around the corner on her way home from work glowing - she was so happy with the look of her new house.

Day 8
We awoke bright and early again, this time with aching bones from the day before and went back to Francisco's house to continue building. This day we competed the right side wall and half of the back. When we arrived at the house Tuesday morning, Francisco's little son Brain ran up to Jackson and said 'Come see my new house, its soo cool!' It brought tears to my eyes. This simple house renovation was changing this entire families house. Because of the arrival of Sam on Wednesdat and our departure on Thursday this building project is being completed Friday. After a day of building we went out shopping to buy some blankets, pillows, sheets, and a stove top for our amazing friend Martha because Taylor and I could not accept the way this woman has to live. Still now power, so we went to Desiree's house to shower and then home to bed.

Day 9
Wednesday we woke up in excitement for the arrival of our fearless leader Sammy boy in Monterrey early afternoon, with Ken from El Salvador accompanying him as well. But before we left we had to go pay Martha a little visit to give her the goods we had bought the night before. Martha was blessed and so grateful for these simple household supplies that would make a huge difference in her life. Martha is a true inspiration to us, and I am sure that if you met her you would fall in love with her as well. After our quick visit to Martha, we were on the road to Monterrey. We picked up Sam and Ken and spent the night at Juan's parents house where we ate traditional Mexican dishes which were to die for. Lots of good conversation and some world changing discussions where had. I felt as though I was in the presence of some of the greatest minds in the country - I cannot wait until I can do things like this full time.

Day 10
On our last day in Mexico we woke up bright and early as we had one last thing to do before we flew out at 1:15pm. We packed up all our things and went back to Roman's house, our friend we visited our first day in Mexico who needed new windows with bars for his house - especially for his daughter who is sick with Typhoid fever. The job was almost complete when we arrived and let me tell you it looks great! Roman was so grateful for our help and We even payed for Roman's gas tank to be filled all the way, which will last him about 4 weeks apposed to what he usually can afford which would last him only one week. This man was almost blown off his feet. It was a great morning. From there Special agents Marlow and Johnstone were dropped off at the airport and Special agent Oliver was picked up a couple hours later.

Special Agent Marlow and I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to make a difference in Mexico - It was life changing and something we both plan to do again and again. Until we meet again.

Special Agent Jorden Johnstone - Out!

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