Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taylor & Jorden - Day #4

Friday December 31st 2010 - Linares, Mexico - New Years Eve :)

This morning we went back over to the river to measure Francisco's house so that we can purchase wood to make repairs to his house. We checked in town and then traveled outside of the city where we found wood for half the price. We ordered enough wood to practically build Francisco a new house - but the thing is that the wood has to be re-usable in the sense that Francisco is living on his sister's land and this home is only temporary until he can find his own land. So we have to ensure that this house will be able to be torn down and re-built at a later date. We purchased the appropriate amount of wood, and will be picking the wood up on Monday morning bright and early so that we can begin building Monday as well. This dream is on its way and should be interesting to watch unfold.

Later, we went into the city to enjoy some lunch and pick up some goodies to bring to our host's house for new years tonight. We will be experiencing New Years in a Mexican home and will be eating hamburgers which here have ham on them (typical to Mexican culture) as well as some other traditional foods, it should be interesting and culturally rich. It is always fun experiencing new cultures, especially during the holidays.

It should be an interesting way to ring in the New year, and what could be a better way of ending one year and starting another than by changing peoples lives? I wouldn't have it any other way.

That's all for today - I'm sure we'll have some interesting stories to share tomorrow.

Special Agents Johnstone and Marlow - Out!

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