Friday, January 7, 2011

Update from Sam

First of all let me apologize for no pictures yet!  My lost bag which is now supposed to be in San Salvador has my wire to hook up my camera to laptop.  I have my camera...but no wire.  It is not a common wire either so I may have to wait.
Anyways...I am in Linares, Mexico with Ken Desaulniers(Dream Agent in El Salvador).  Yesterday we saw Special Agents Marlow & Johnstone off to the airport and picked up S.A. Olver and headed to Linares (where Dream Agents Rick & Lisa Bursey live).  Had a nice visit and we are up and at it today and getting ready to do a bit of a makeover on a house...actually this house in the pic above.  S.A.'s Marlow & Johnstone started the reno project and we will finish it today and I will try to post a pic of the finished product.  The "owners" of this one room home are a young couple and they have a cute two year old son.  I want to thank "everyday philanthropists" that support Possibilities International (iam1ru) on a regular basis....those who jump on the "dream machine" and sponsor dreams.  It is because of your generosity that we are able to help families like this.  It is amazing what a little bit of hope does when injected into a family!  Hope to post the finished product tonight.

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