Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taylor & Jorden - Day #5 & 6

First, we must share the events of last night, then we will fill you in on Day 6 here in Linares.

Day 5 cont'd

Yesterday, being New Years Day, the day began with a slow start. However we spent the day making lists of goods that would fill baskets to give to some friends who the Bursey's have been helping, fulfilling their dreams. We went to the grocery store and bought things like flour, sugar, tortillas, cookies, coffee, eggs, oil, rice, beans, and other staple items for Mexican families. Then we went and bought some nice little garbage pales to put the goods into to give to our friends. You might be thinking thats a little strange, but this way we provide them with a nice new garbage pale as well as food, a basket could be used as well, but a garbage pale is just that much more practical and trust me, these people need it!

The first friend we went to see is Martha. This woman is AWESOME! Taylor and I had the pleasure of meeting her in the market a few days ago and from the smile and joy that this woman brings, you would never guess how little she has. Nothing really could prepare me for what Martha calls home - there are people worse off in this world - but the fact that this woman is so joyful but yet has nothing really challenges me. Martha was so glad that we brought her food and could not wait to show us her new door! Imagine, not having a door on your house? This woman has a special place in my heart. She has been a friend to the Bursey's since they moved to Linares, meeting them when she worked sweeping the parking lot at one of the grocery stores in the city, and after the hurricane, they helped her but building her some beds and giving her a dresser, and that is about all she has. I could go on forever about this woman and her story, but for the sake of space, I will end by saying I hope that you will be hearing more about this woman soon because she still needs a lot of our help. 

The second friend that we brought a food basket to was a little girl who the Bursey's have been helping with your help who's name is Liliana. This sweet young girl fell when she was 2 years old severely breaking her nose causing her a variety of problems for her, she has trouble breathing, she has inner ear issues causing balance issues and causes her to vomit when she travels in cars making it very difficult to travel to Monterrey which is two hours away so getting medical opinions on her condition very difficult. We are currently awaiting recent test results to see if this young girls life can be improved. Her father was very grateful for the goods, Liliana, being very shy and anxious around strangers hid behind Dezeray.

We came home to a gate-full of friends and Rick made Tacos for everyone. The night ended with a game of Spanish Pictionary played in both English and Spanish - it was exciting to say the least.

Day 6

Sundays are a little different here in Mexico - church isn't until 5:30 pm so we started the day off with a trip to the mountains. We embarked on the hour and a half trip to Galiana which is a little community way up in the mountains, just outside of this town is a sink-hole that is believed to be a result of the ground collapsing on an underground river. Its really deep, and quite scary to stand at the edge of. Phil came along for the ride because he has been laying low on this trip. We even found him testing fate, dangling from a tree near the sink-hole. After some 'thrilling' fun - throwing rocks in a really big hole! We went back into Galiana to find some food. This proved to be a difficult task on a Sunday in the mountains, but we eventually found a nice little restaurant and ate like Kings!

We made it into Linares just in time for church, in which the congregation seemed to be exceedingly hyper, and then arrived home for some snacks, some english church (podcast) for those who can't understand Spanish and Early bed because we have an early morning tomorrow with building day 1 of 2 on Francisco's house. Should be a great day!

Special Agents Johnstone and Marlow - Out! 

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