Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day in Linares, Mexico

Linares, Mexico 2011, New Years Day - 1/1/11

Here are some pictures that I couldn't send earlier - one is of Taylor and I down by the river w Merari, Francisco's niece who is in love w Taylor. The house is Francisco's house that we will be repairing on Monday. 

Not to much going on today - don't know if we'll have a report or not, but will try to keep you posted.

Highlights from New Years:
- Lisa out did herself by making delicious dips with veggies and fruit to eat while playing some pictionary with the family
- The boys bought lots of fire crackers and Rich thoroughly enjoyed blowing things up! Haha. Never give a Newfie explosives!
- Alex, Jorden, and Rico, played a game of basketball while the rest laughed over youtube videos
- We rang in the New Year all together, enjoying new and lasting friendship.
- The about 12:30, we were off!
- Our friend Manny from Haiti finally arrived at the Bursey's to celebrate New Years Eve with us, he had been traveling for the holidays
- Went to a friend's house in Linares, who also attends the Bursey's church, and his father made us Hamburguesas

It was a great night! One I know, I will never forget!


  1. awesome job ladies. embrace the experience. write a journal and reflect on the changes you are making in peoples lives.this is an experience everyone should have in life.

    iam1ru the (fin)

  2. Thanks Fin - the blog is helping a lot with the reflection. This trip is one we will never ever forget.