Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taylor & Jorden - Day #3

(sorry about no pics...internet issues)

This morning was started with a feast of eggs and lots of coffee to prepare for the day ahead.

We left the house 11am and headed to the orphanage that the Bursey’s support – Casa Hogar. We brought to them a hockey bag full of feminine hygiene products, toothbrushes as well as boxes of band-aids. The lady at the orphanage(not sure of the name), told us that she was very grateful for these things that Canadians have sent because these are things that are a genuine need, things like stuffed animals that are sometimes sent are more of a unneeded luxury which they do not have room for. This was an important insight because it helps us to better understand how to effectively help people in these countries.  
We also found out from this orphanage that the government has begun to be very strict on regulations for orphanages in Mexico so many repairs and additions are required to be made in order to stay in operation. The issue is that these orphanages do not have the funds to complete these renovations on their own and can only work on them when funds from outsiders are present. When we visited today, they were working on a separate dormitory for the girls, as they cannot by new regulations be in the same quarters as the boys.

We came home and had a feast of ‘Tostadas’ for lunch, Jorden’s favourite
J and then when out with Rick and Juan to see about getting a battery for the boys with muscular dystrophy but its seems like we are going to have to get a battery from Monterrey which is about an hour and a half away so this dream won’t be fulfilled until the New Year.

Later in the afternoon we travelled to the river, where many people lost their houses because of flooding after the Hurricane last July. People who lived on the river lost almost everything, and moved their houses to higher ground. We went to look into helping a friend Francisco by building better walls in their house, which is ridden with holes that the weather and a variety of animals can get through. We will be travelling tomorrow to look into buying wood to fulfill this dream in the next few days hopefully.

It was a busy, fun-filled day, and tomorrow should be busy as well. The weather is just beautiful but by the time we get home, we are ready for bed!

Special Agents Johnstone and Marlow – Out!

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