Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday party for 16 years old orphans.

With the donation of iam1ru Philanthropist we were able to have a
Birthday party for the orphans in the college.
We got this report from our Dream Agents in Central Asia-
Birthday parties are something we always had as children. Our
parents did their best to make us feel that we were important on
that day. But for orphanages with 150 or 200 kids it is impossible
to have Birthday parties. We decided to help with the parties in each
of the projects we are involved in. And what a Bomb!!! The kids
are so happy. Most importantly they feel very special themselves.
Everyone who was born in February and March had a special gift
and they shared cake, fruit and meal with their friends. We had about
50 kids at the party and everybody had so much fun!!! We spend
$100 for the party

March 2011

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