Thursday, March 3, 2011

Report from Special Agent Josiah Olver

Just got this note from Josiah Olver, our Special Agent working with the Burseys in Mexico.

So my time here has been very rewarding. The type of people that we meet on an everyday basis are in some kind of need, whether it be physical, Mental or Neglected. This one boy in Particular that has been through a ton of trauma within the past year. This young man was a part of a gang here in Linares and got into a confrontation with another gang. He was severely Beaten up with a baseball bat and left unconscious. From there he was thrown onto the train tracks for dead. With the covering of the Lord, the train went right over him without killing him. If you were to see him now you would think there is no way of  recovery. He is very Emaciated and is unable too speak, walk, or perform simple tasks such as wipe his face. This boy is in dire need of professional therapy and encouragement. Our plan with this boy is to get him 3 months of therapeutic care to help him recover. They have said that he has the potential to recover 95% with the right tools, and that's what we want to do.

You can read more about Luchi and his dream here.

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