Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sam's Fav Pics from iam1ru Guatemala

There are lots of great pics that I have seen and I have heard some great reports.  We already have people telling us they are in for next year!  Here are some of my favourite pictures from this trip...with a few of my comments. :)  By the way....I will post pics from medical team when I get some from Colleen.

Kathy Mizen getting reading for the Game Show "Find me a Cowboy"!  Booyah!

Barbara Wright modelling her new apron!

The team brought tons of supplies for the volunteer EMS crew and firefighters.

This is the Guest House where the team stayed.  Very nice.

Not only nice on the outside but nice on the inside.

I am thinking if you can fit into a hockey bag you should be able to go for free.  lol.

Rachel Ray has nothing on these three!

Jesse & Tabitha with Phil.

Enjoying the Volcanic Smores!  Also keeping an eye out for a Guatemalan Cowboy!

Okay....this pictures screams out one word to me...."Trouble"!

Speaking of trouble....lol....what a Freak!

Dancing with the Stars - Pana Style!  

Cathy Hughes and Kathy Mizen getting the gifts ready for each house they were about to have a party at as they dedicated the homes and presented each owner with keys!

House #1
All six houses were built in the same village.  In this village a few years back a man came and offered to build new homes for people for $500US.  He took many peoples life savings and never returned.          A few years later, a team shows up and builds six houses that "everyday philanthropists" in Canada paid for.  The people in the village were a bit untrusting at first but by the end of the week they were warming up to the idea of homes maybe being built for them in coming years.  Thanks to all who donated.  This is what I am talking about baby!

House #2

House #3

House #4

House #5

House #6
To Canadians these houses do not look like much.  When you have a house with cornstalk walls and old beat up tin for a roof....and a dirt floor....imagine what it is like in the rainy season.  Again, thanks to all who support PI and those who gave specifically to these dreams.  You have changed lives!  You have brought hope!
Want to know more about what we do and the dreams that are available now to sponsor, visit our website www.iam1ru.com

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