Thursday, March 3, 2011

Orphans got dishwashing supplies!!!

We had this Dream posted-
We have a huge need in one of the orphanages in Central Asia.
We need a year’s supply of dishwashing liquid and dishwashing
sponges. The orphanage has 120 children. All the dishes are
washed by hand because they do not have a dishwasher. The
children eat meals 3 times a day and so there are a lot of dishes.
We need $30 a month for this need so in total we need $360 a
year. Would you please help us purchase the dish cleaning supplies
for one month, a couple or more?

We recieved $60 towards this Dream,enough for two month.
First of all we sent money to our PI Dream Agents and they
went to the markets. They were so happy to purchase the dishwashing
supplies, and said that the orphans were so happy to help wash the
dishes. They help wash the dishes on a schedule and usually nobody
liked this job. They did it just because they had to. But now with the
new dishwashing supplies they were actually fighting over who will
wash the dishes. Everyone wanted to try the sponges and dishwashing

Thank you so much for helping our dishes be clean as well as
helping our children enjoy washing the dishes!!!
March 2011

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