Monday, March 21, 2011

A few pictures of the Medical Team in Guatemala March 03-13,2011

Here are a few pictures taken by Colleen Lipskie.
Heading to see more patients!
Jolyanne Marcotte giving out prescribed medicine! It's like a "gold" in Guatemala...
Joanne Stever is checking a little boy. People were lined up from early morning to see a doctor.
Angie Morris loves playing and entertaining the kids that are waiting to see a doctor! Every child got a soft toy! Thank you to all who donated their toys!
Liam Frape giving out reading glasses. A lot of people in Guatemala can not afford to buy them...
Agnes Bos is helping a family with a little baby!
Doctor Doug is having a special patient, what a Freak!
Nori Frape is doing some serious checkups!
Holly Rietveld is writing the prescription for this young lady!
Dr.Doug : "Rose, that didn't come to my mind!"
Kieran May is checking a blood pressure! There is no Walmart in Guatemala to check the blood pressure for free.
Thank you all for donating towards the Medical Clinic!

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