Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Many Dreams were fulfilled in Central Asia!!!

With the donation of $150 from our iam1ru Philanthropists we
were able to fulfill so many Dreams!!!
Here is an update from Pi Dream Agents in Central Asia-
One of our PI projects is helping single parents with handicapped
children. We noticed how many of them did not have any blankets.
We put this Dream on the Website. But after this Dream was
sponsored, we found more families with the same need for blankets
and mattresses.

Our blind lady Gala did not have a blanket and mattress.
On March 8 we have a huge celebration in our country as it's
International Woman’s Day. With your help we were able to throw
a little party for our blind ladies. The blind ladies feel very special on
that day.

Our senior lady Tanya had no where to put her groceries. They were just
sitting on the floor. How happy she was on the day when she got these
shelves. She keeps thanking us with tears in her eyes.

We (workers of the Baby orphanage) go to the local markets from time to
time and ask the vendors for donations of fruit, vegetables and different
types of goodies. But when we bring all the donated goods to the orphanage,
we always had a problem as we did not have proper dishes to store everything.
We were so happy to get these three big containers.
March 2011.

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