Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A few pics from last few days....

Pic of the team with the Volunteer Firefighters (Bomberos) and the EMS folks.  They were pumped about the dinner and all the supplies.

Liam Frape sliding down the pole and giving Phil a ride on his shoulder.

John King (in red....our leader from Guatemala) stood up and hit his head on something and needed our medical team to attend to his head wound.  Dr. Doug May (Guelph) is treating the wound.

This is the van full of the Medical Team.  Oh my.  Quite a crew.  Here is a cool story about the medical team that happened yesterday.  Remember that most of the clinics are held in a local church as it is a meeting point that many in the villages know about.  Here is the story...

Last night John rec'd a phone call that the church that was supposed to hold the clinic today cancelled the event.  (tension in the church)
So, John made a call to another local pastor to ask if we could set up a clinic in their village - he agreed but said that no one would know, so it wouldn't be very busy.

This morning(Monday), on the way to the clinic a man came up to the van desperate to find out when there would be a doctor nearby. When they told him "today"...he couldn't believe it.  He said I'm going home first to tell my family and neighbours.

So, the medical team thought they would be having a slow day today - but instead, saw over 250 patients!! (with NO promotion ahead of time!!)

Medical Clinic set up in a local church.

Dr. Nori Frape doing a checkup.

Angie Morris working with the Medical Team handing out teddy bears to children waiting in line.

Dave Wright handing out food to a lady at the Food Distribution on Monday Afternoon.

John Teskey (Petrolia), Wendy Pauls (Baden) & Kelly Deschamps (Espanola) handing out food at Food Distribution.

Here are a few quotes from a couple team members that were said at a team meeting...

John Teskey (aka Little John)  made a witty comment tonight (referring to their incredible productivity - completing 2 more houses!!)  He said, "Another day....another 2 houses"

Don Welten (aka Sparky) -During sharing time said, "We have an amazing building team....and that's all I'm gonna say."

Dave Wright talked about the Food distribution and the impact on the families...and confirmed his earlier comment, "that's what it's all about" 

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