Monday, March 28, 2011

iam1ru BCS Guatemala

The team is doing great. Visited Papaya Volcano yesterday and headed to Pana today for some R&R. Here are a few more pics.

Teacher Bev Farrow "sneaking" internet from a local house. :)

The team internet cafe.

Handing out some toothbrushes in a local village.

All smiles.

She got her new toothbrush.

The team playing with some kids before the food distribution.

A family overwhelmed with their new home.

Wendy handing out toothbrushes.

The team on Papaya Volcano.

Girls on the horses ready to ride up the volcano.

Volcanic Smores!  Yummy!

The team built two houses...did a block party...did a food distribution...they were kept busy for the work days.  They are now on some "down time" until they come home Wednesday.

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