Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday March 5th in Chimaltenango

Cathy Hughes loading up groceries to prepare the dinner for the Volunteer Firefighters and EMS folks.
Sloppy Joes, Potato Salad, Angel Food Cake with fruit and whip cream.  Yummy!

Sometimes you just have to pause and give the local kids a shot.

Sometimes you will catch them laughing, and posing for a picture!

You see a lot of this all over in Guatemala.  Carrying sticks on the back.  You can see a house in the background made from branches and such.

Tabitha Wright keeping the local kids busy.  She looks like she is having a blast.

Al Primmer mixing concrete for the floor.  That's right cement mix it right on the dirt and then spread it.

Tyler Field looking for some more sun screen.

Wayne Lipski on the move looking for something.  Maybe he is looking for sunscreen for Tyler!

That is right. There is no flat ground in Guatemala.

I love Kelly Deschamps!  He is never too busy to take time with the kids.

Another house close to completion. they have been working for two days and have 4 houses completely finished.  Yes, you read right.  I knew they would be good but c'mon now.  This team is a bunch of Freaks!
I may have to put out a request for more funds to build a few more houses.  You can build one of these in Guatemala for $400US.  Imagine that.  I think they had enough money for 6 houses.  I am going to check and see.  Here is a note from Colleen Lipskie about the medical team...

"What an amazing day!! Our first clinic day and we saw over 200 patients. Our team of 14, along with our 3 interpreters, were wonderful. There was no job too small or unimportant for anyone. Every member was willing to do anything and everything...and when John King gave himself a gaping head wound the entire ER staff sprang to action!"

 John stood up quickly and banged his head open on something hanging - blood was dripping down.  He's fine but I hear the reaction was pretty funny.

Today(Sunday) the team is taking a break and will be visiting a "live" Volcano and also doing some shopping in Antigua and enjoying a nice supper at Loco Moco, which I have always called the "Funky Monkey" restaurant.

Stay tuned fro more reports!

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