Thursday, March 10, 2011

House Dedications & Block Party

On the way to a "house dedication" these three ladies were spotted.

Getting out of the truck and van and heading to a house dedication.

This team was the group that built this house.  Here they are posing with the mom.

Another building team with the house they built.

At every dedication a local pastor would present the family with a Bible and a house warming gift.  They would then be presented the keys to their new home by the team.

Wendy Pauls chatting it up with some folks that are gathered around the team van.

Some kids enjoying the bouncy castle at the Block Party.

Not sure if this little guy is enjoying the castle or if he wants out.

Fun games were for all the kids that showed up.  John Teskey reports that by the end of the time he had over 70 kids lined up waiting to try out the bouncy castle.

And of course what is a Block Party without candy floss.  It was a big lineup!

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