Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Pics & Update - iam1ru Guatemala

A pic from volcano trip.

The lava flow is huge.

Looks like Dave is apologizing to his wife Barbara...
"I am sorry that I forgot the hot barbecue until we get down off the volcano dear"

The team took lots of teddy bears to give away to children.

Waiting for Team Canada.

There is always time for a siesta!

Al Primmer & Don Welten doing some reno work at a local orphanage for children with special needs.

Jesse Wright having a siesta of his own with "old yeller".

Some of the team playing soccer with local children.  It looks like the game got a bit

Getting ready for Food Distribution #2!

Food Distribution #2 - Tuesday, March full swing.

I am going to include a post that John Teskey made on FB.  It describes the day pretty well.

So since there’s no houses ready to build we visited a local special needs orphanage to help with some their maintenance that needed to be done. There was some grass cutting to be done, Painting to be updated, concrete removal and some pluming work. The team split off and I headed to concrete (it was the furthest from painting). Unfortunately we needed more painters so I grabbed a roller and jumped in. When Don and Al spelled me off I went back to the hammer verses concrete. Some of the girls help with painting (Pastor Kathy on a ladder makes me nervous) and the others helped out and played with the children while the remainder were cleaning machines. We also see a need of their garbage box needing some TLC. So we restructured for strength and put a new steel roof on it. Then once again off to a food blessing at another community. John King the local missionary informed us that this would be a much different group of people. He explained that they would be dressed much like us and you might wonder why they are there. He informed us that this is just a fa├žade they will do everything to appear normal and there nothing behind it. He explained that pride is very import thing in Guatemala and appearance is very much part of this. It was a different experience because of this. It was a good fun feeling giving to these people. They we very open to handshakes and smiles. I was standing waiting while they were arranging the line and there was a cute little girl kind of looking at me so looked at her and gave her a big smile. She then hid behind her mother and whispered in her ear and cam running over. I kneeled now to say hi and she came right up and kissed me on the cheek. Unfortunately nobody caught it on camera for me to share it with you. For me there is no photo necessary I don’t think I’ll ever forget that little girl running up and kissing this stranger just to say thank you.
I can’t wait for today. We are going to have ceremony giving the keys to each of the homes in the morning. In the afternoon it’s block party time. We have arranged a cotton candy machine and bouncy house. If you see this community I can pretty much guarantee they have never had a bouncy house. I'll make sure to get lots of pictures.

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