Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day Five in El Salvador...

The day started with a one hour stop at a nearby artisan market (what's a trip without a few souvenirs?). It was a bittersweet morning however, because it also marked our good-bye to Kelly Deschamps (Kelly came down early with Sam as a leader/helper with PI).  Kelly was a valued part of our team and we are thankful that he took the time to serve with us. 

After the market, we had the privilege of fulfilling a dream that had been sponsored on the website.  Our Dream Agents, Ken & Michelle Desaulniers, had discovered that a member of this hardworking family slept on a dirty old couch...because she didn't have a bed. We were able to present a brand-new mattress and bed springs today. Unfortunately, the girl (a daughter) was not home, however, her mom was so deeply moved about this act of generosity and told us that her daughter's birthday is on April 17th and she has never received a birthday gift...this bed will be her first gift!  We were able to provide sheets and pillowcases as well.

In the afternoon, we all enjoyed a fantastic break from our work -- THE BEACH! The water was warm, the sun was hot, the hammocks were comfy, the pool was lovely.  We felt truly blessed.
Especially because's back to work!

Taninder - doing some shopping at the artisan market

Jorge's house - we are getting ready to fulfill the dream of a new bed for a girl that was sleeping on a couch

Bev and Karen with the grandma (she was excited to have us there!)

Unloading the mattress and boxspring

Carrying the bed into the house

Inside the house (it was dark) - a small, simple tin house

The mother of the girl receiving the bed was expressing her heartfelt thanks

We also presented the mom with a new pot for her tortilla making business

The kids are lining up to make their own corn tortilla over a fire

We realize it's not as easy as they make it look
A few of our tortillas on the grill (notice Matt's "special" tortilla ha ha)

Rosanna enjoying her creation

Before we left, we gave the mom and each of her 3 daughter's $20 each (a full day's wage is $15-$20)

A view of the gorgeous beach we enjoyed.  The water was WARM!

The boys had a small feast

Some of us enjoyed naps in the hammocks (we HAVE been working hard1)


  1. What a fabulous day. I am so proud of everyone and the wonderful work you are all doing. Keep it up and be safe,

  2. Hey Team BCS,
    We're so blessed by the practical acts of service you are doing in the name of Christ. Today during morning announcements our devotional was a special shout out to you with an Easter emphasis: We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made him who had no sin to be sin[a] for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:20-21).

    Thank you for being Christ's ambassadors to the people of El Salvador!

    See you soon!
    Mr. A and your BCS Family

  3. I am so proud of all the work you are doing.Thank you for sending all the wonderful pictures. It is great to read your blog and then be able to visualize it as well. You are all experiencing, "It is better to give than receive." Blessings as you continue His work. See you soon, Mrs. Myers and oh ya, Mom

  4. Hello to everyone. I am enjoying reading your blog and seeing the
    pictures of all the work you are doing, amazing
    You are being such a blessing to the people of El Salvador
    I tried to send a comment the other day but it didn't work, that is
    a Grandma for you, HA, but I won't give up, have it figured out now.
    Brayden I will be waiting for a homemade tortillas.
    Praying for you, God Bless
    Millie Marritt/Grandma

  5. hey team home safe and sound (well not really home but in new liskeard)all fligts went well miami a true challange at least 3 hours of chasing baggage and standing in line from one check point to not mind telling you i have been cold for two days (may have iven my shirts away too soon)my taxi ride was eventfull too say the least i am very surprised all the tires stayed on the car at around 80km/hr the entire car would bounce around and jump all over the place.yee haw love you guys kelly