Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Four in El Salvador...

Yet another full and rewarding day. We returned to the school and house build site and split into two groups. The boys stayed and finished up the house build and got the BBQ's fired up for a BIG school BBQ (we fed 200 kids plus some mom's and siblings) The girls picked up the mom and kids (of the family we're building for) and took them to a nearby mall to buy them some clothes and shoes -- we let them choose for themselves!

The girls (and leaders and interpreters) split into 4 groups. One group took the mom (Veronica) and baby (Evanya) , one group took the oldest daughter (Claudia), one group took the middle daughter (Alexandra) and one group purchased house-warming gifts for the family. We were able to purchase a couple outfits and shoes for each.  We also got shoes for "grandpa" (whose feet were poking through his old ones) and a couple shirts for dad (Orlando).  After the BBQ, we presented the school director with several gifts and donations -- three computers and a printer (this was a DREAM for her - to build a computer lab), 2 bags of childrens' clothes, bandaids, 2 hockey bags filled with crayola supplies...and a Canadian flag and a homemade book with Canadian facts in Spanish.  Once again, I will let the pics below tell the rest of the story.

Claudia, Alexandra and Veronica (mom) in the back of the truck on the way to the mall

Little Evanya fell asleep

"Team Claudia" showing off one of the outfits.

Kids lining up for the BBQ (this is likely their first hamburger ever!)

Our cooking and serving crew

First hamburgers, then condiments, pop, cookies...then a toothbrush for each

A happy "customer"

More faithful servers

Still showing a sense of humour after HOURS over the BBQ

The kids are enjoying their meal
The school director presenting a gift to BCS
BCS students doing a drama for the kids

Presenting the director with her computer equipment

a BIG group photo
Sam joined in a dance presentation (some kids giggled but the performers didn't miss a beat!)

We bought some new shoes for grandpa

The students and leaders with the family in front of their new home

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