Monday, March 5, 2012

A Photo Story - Christmas comes to the Leprosy Village in Ghana

This update is long overdue, but well worth the wait...When Dream Agent Sherry Peters came home this past Fall, she had recently visited a cured leprosy village in a placed called Ho.  She was deeply moved by these people -- 60 adults and 90 children -- outcasts of society tucked away in a remote village.  

Sherry wanted to do something to help offer them hope and joy. So, during her time in Canada, Sherry dreamed and hoped and planned a big Christmas party for this entire village.  And while she was not able to fulfill the dream during the actual Christmas season, (the party was held in February) she did bring the true spirit of joy and giving to this beautiful group of people.  The pictures tell the story of this dream come true...

 (to read the Dream Fulfillment report, click HERE)

Delali cooking

Anita setting up the food table

Banku, okro soup and fried chicken

Fried chicken, garry and spaghetti

Sharing food with the children

One of the shut ins we brought food to (he can't walk or stand)

A blind lady shut in. We delivered her meal and gift to her

A totally bed ridden shut in. We brought her meal and gift as well.

Mike teaching the boys football (soccer) moves

Mike and I sharing with the children - the story of the Candy Cane

handing out the candy canes

Party favours and treats

One of the girls with her gift - her very own doll!

handing out gifts to the children

Mike presenting the boys with their own footballs

A BIG dream fulfilled!!


  1. Sherry! You are a freak of the "nth" degree! What a complete delight to read the report and look at the pictures!

  2. You ROCK girlfriend! You are not only giving, caring and generous but your insight and your faith is truly wonderful! It's a group effort I know, but with your leadership my dear! So proiud to call you my friend!!!

  3. are doing amazing work...the pictures literally bought tears to my eyes....