Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Six in El Salvador...

We enjoyed yet another beautiful sunny day in San Salvador.  And, we tried to "spread the sunshine" by doing a little makeover on the little league ballpark in town -- a small act of kindness for the community.  (this is the same park where we played a game with the kids when we first arrived).

 We painted the stands, the dugouts and the full wall on the side of the field.  We also swept the stands and cleaned the seats.  We thought we might just run out of paint considering how much the students were wearing by the end of the day!  You will notice that Caleb is wearing an aircast in the pictures....he gave us a little scare after a tumble yesterday.  We took him to the doctor here and confirmed that it is indeed just a sprain (whew!).  As I write this, half of the team is out in the truck handing out meals to homeless people.  The other half of the team will head out tomorrow night to do the same.  That's all for today -- enjoy the pics! AND thanks for your comments and encouragements.

Phil (the monkey mascot) wanted to be part of the action today. Here, he's helping Rachel & Ryan paint the dugout.

Phil the monkey was EVERYWHERE today.  Jessica was patiently letting him have a turn.

Paint, paint everywhere...

Lauren & Priscilla

Alisha, Taninder and Phil working on the stands

Chantal working away...
Rajiv is wearing his "camouflage" shirt again today (haha)

Caleb rocked Phil to sleep for a nap

Phil helped Daniel clear away the low hanging leaves
Mrs. Farrow working hard

Mrs. Davis also working hard

Thank goodness we used water based paints!!
Matt working on the wall

Taninder cleaning the very dusty stands

Kaitlyn washing the seats
Caleb waiting patiently

An x-ray (that confirmed no break - yay)

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