Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day Two in El Salvador...

 After a good night sleep, everyone seemed a bit more "chipper" today.  We went to a local church in the city (they meet at a Holiday Inn) and although the service was in Spanish, they had high-tech ear devices so we could follow along via a translator....

After lunch, we headed to a local ball-field (the one we'll be doing the "reno" on later this week -- painting etc) to play a game with the kids there.  They LOVED it (and so did their parents). We treated them to some goodies at the tienda, then stayed for a snack ourselves -- pupusas!  Pupusas are corn tortillas that they stuff. These ones were filled with refried beans and cheese. DELICIOUS!  You can see some pics from our day below.  We are gearing up for supper and some evening activities.

OH...and all our luggage arrived!!!! YAY!!


  1. Special props to Bev Farrow for her speed on the basepaths....also a special shout out to Karen for the bomb she hit to right center in the first inning. You taught those young lads to respect female hitters....oh my!

  2. Looks like everyone had a blast. What was the final score?

    1. It was a blast. We don't know the exact score...but we won : )