Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Off to El Salvador with BCS!

Kelly Deschamps (my travelling partner...and also a person that can sleep on a plane...I hate these kind of people...lol) and I (Sam Welten) are in the air as I write this headed to El Salvador to take care of last minute details for the group from Brampton Christian School of 17 students and two teachers (also Wendy Pauls) that will be joining us on Saturday.  

While in El Salvador the team will be busy make a huge impact. Kelly will give leadership to a "house build" where we will build a new home and bathroom for a family.
I cannot wait to welcome this awesome family into their new home and get them a bathroom with a bit more privacy.  

Also while the team is building the new house and bathroom part of the team will be investing in a local school that is right next door.  We will likely be doing a few small projects and giving them some school supplies (crayola) while we are there.  I cannot wait to see the students from BCS interact with the students at the school.
Also we will be doing some reno/painting work at a local ballpark where there is a Saturday morning league for children.  Rumour has it that our team may even play some of the kids in an exhibition game.  I am so glad we will have Bev "The Terminator" Farrow, Kelly "Wheels" Deschamps, Wendy "Sure Hands" Pauls and Karen the Killer as part of our team   We may stand a chance!  
All in all it is going to be a great trip!  These crazy students and their connections have raised $7,500 to impact the hurting, helpless and hopeless in El Salvador.  Stay tuned to this blog for updates of crazy, wild, inspirational impact.

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