Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update from Special Agent Pauls - 03.02.12

It has been completely 'loco' down here in the sunny south!!
Let me fill you in. The team from Napanee left Wednesday :( We will miss them greatly. This team was incredible!! They really came to pour into the people. They built a laundry room at the orphanage, finished painting the front wall of the orphanage, brought mattress covers for all of out mattresses, and brought TONS of donations and fun things for the orphanage and the kids in the community. One of the days that they were with us, we went to visit the children at Bethany orphanage. It was so cool to see how another orphanage is run and be able to play and enjoy the kids.

Kids are special. They have this way of connecting with you instantly. You don't need to know the could have just doesn't matter. They can see right to your heart and immediately accept you for who you are. It's a beautiful thing. We were glad to be able to share this experience with the Napanee team.

I would also like to announce that I have used some of the M.A.D money!!!
After moving into this house in December it wasn't long before we got a plumber in here to help with all issues of an old mexican home. Asial, the plumber, began to make frequent visits to the house as there were many issues. Haha
He has become some what of a friend now. He is a very nice man, he has kids and a wife, and he is very hard working. But one night while we were having devotions with the team, he came to the door with bad news. You see, someone had stolen his tools and his bike. This meant that Asial had no way to work. His income was cut off, just like that.
Fortunately this was not a problem for long as right after we heard the news the Napanee team stepped up and offered to buy him new tools and I remembered the M.A.D money and got him a bike!!
It was very cool to be apart of helping this man get his life back. And it was so simple. I didn't even use $100!! So I'll have to keep you updated on how I use the other $400. But for now, thanks. Thanks for helping me help Asial and whoever else I help with the rest of this money. It really does make a difference. :)

It has been an exhausting, exciting, and life changing couple of weeks. I've made new friends, said goodbye to some friends, painted a wall, played with some beautiful children (and let them attack my face!!), and I can't wait to see what comes next!

Speaking of what's next, we are sad to see Lisa's parents head back to Canada this Saturday :( They have been such a blessing, and we will miss them very much. But after all of these goodbyes we are happy to announce that Calvin Somerville will be coming to join us on March 8th!
Calvin is the son of Jim Somerville, who was just here leading the Napenee team. Calvin is joining us for a couple months as another intern for school. We are excited to get to know Calvin now after spending time with his dad. And if he is half the man that his father is, than these next couple months will be a blast!

I think that's all for now folks. Thanks for your continued prayer and support. :)

Special Agent Pauls

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