Friday, March 30, 2012

Day Seven in El Salvador...

Hola! Today we spent most of the day at the YWAM base.  With all the painting that we'd be doing all week (at the school and at the ballpark), we couldn't help but notice that the outdoor wall at the base was in desperate need of painting. We also noticed several other needs for various supplies we decided to bless these people who bless SO many others with the work they do on a regular basis...

The work at the base included:
  • priming and painting the wall area around the pool (it's now a lovely blue)
  • clearing out the pantry area and kitchen (including all the cupboards)
  • Wiping all surfaces and washing all items (appliances, storage containers, kitchen supplies)
  • A trip to WalMart to purchase SEVERAL new items with which to bless the base (dishtowels, plastic cups and plates, cleaners, bath mats, toasters, tea kettle and tea, etc etc etc
At 8 pm, the 2nd group went out in the truck to feed the homeless. (Group 1 went last night). What an eye opener!! We couldn't get very good pics (tried to be discreet to not embarrass them).  The workers here feed 150 meals to the homeless in the area each week. As an extra gift,  we gave out several "Milk mats" (mats knitted/crocheted out of milk bags). Buenas noches!

Priming the wall

Matt scraping the old loose paint off

Some of the painting crew
They are painting pros at this point!!

Cleaning & organizing the kitchen and storage areas
Brayden and Lauren washing appliances and other kitchen equipment

They took everything out of the pantry area to clean it before putting it back

Some of the painting crew getting the high spots
Rachel and Rajiv

Mrs. Farrow in the kiddie cart (starting our big WalMart shop for supplies)

In the back of the truck during the ride to feed the homeless
Handing someone a meal (what an honour!!!!)

Handing out a couple meals

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  1. Hello BCS team!

    Great job in all you are doing - you are His hands and His feet!

    Thank you for doing what we could not :)

    Praying for all of you!