Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Three in El Salvador...

What a FULL day!  Breakfast at 6:45 and out the door an hour later.  After a fairly long drive to a village near Sonsonate, we had a very warm reception from a group of school children.  The picture shows the "Welcome friends from Canada" poster and some dancers who performed for us.  They were SO excited to have visitors from far away.

We worked on 2 major projects for most of the day.  A house build for a family of 5 (that we fundraised for) and painting one of the classrooms at the school.  Near the end of the day, we also did some landscaping at the school --planting some pretty flowers and bushes. There are several pictures below to help tell the story.

Puneet with the youngest of 3 in the family receiving the new house

The beginning of the building project.  Watch how it progresses!

More set up

Bringing all the supplies to the site

Look at the SIZE of the rock they dug up (blocking where we needed to put the post hole)

Making the cement for the post holes.

Jessica giving the kids a ride  (these are all 3 children from the family who will be receiving the house)

Busy painting? or mischief? (haha)

The girls are working hard and proud of their work

Chantal with the youngest girl in the family

Another pic of the little one (she's just SO cute)

Alisha - part of the painting team

The poles are almost all in!!

Walls are going up!

Can you see anyone in this pic?  He's camouflaged (haha)

Almost there...

Some of the hardworking crew

This is what happens when you paint with oil based paints

Rachel taking a well deserved break

Ryan taking a short break from his "gravel collecting duties"

Wendy with the oldest girl in the family - Claudia

Girl power!

great progress from our painting team

Looking a little dirty (and camera shy?)
Day one progress - tomorrow, cement floor and finishing touches

The landscape team gets help from the kids

Lauren had a couple helpers who followed her around


  1. You are all amazing and doing fabulous work. Jesus is smiling down on you

  2. Way to go team! And nice biceps, girl power ladies!

    Just want to let Puneet and Kaitlyn know that their emails have been playing on the screen outside my office and we're all pretty keenly interested in reading every day!

    Keep up the good work and keep the emails coming!

    -A. Cabral

  3. Hi Everyone!
    We're so proud of you! We're praying for you!
    Mr. A

  4. Hi Everyone!

    Great work, House and landscape looking great,and I love the paint colour
    blue is my favorite.Keep up the good work.