Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guatemala - The End

And so this brings us to the conclusion of our trip.

As I write this last blog entry, I am the only one still awake, fighting the need for rest.  Everyone is packed and ready to head back to the normalcy that is our daily lives, with both happiness and sadness.  I think it would be safe to make the assumption that the country and people of Guatemala has captured our hearts, and we will forever leave a small piece of us here... as well as take a small piece of this beautiful place with us.
Looking back at the past week, it's really hard to fathom what has transpired here.  Yes, we built 8 homes for some families who were in need, and yes we helped to care for the medical conditions that were brought to us as well as give food, clothing and hopefully restored a sense of hope and dignity to these beautiful people.  However, no matter how much it may seem that we have done for the people of Guatemala, they have given us so much more.  In only a matter of days on a build site, it was so evident that a people who could seemingly have nothing, could have more than we could hope for when it comes to what really matters, family, relationships, strength of character, graciousness, and love.
These people showed us what humility really is, what it means to be thankful with what really matters, and how to always realize that our worth is not wrapped up in material possessions... something that we in North America have long forgotten. 
It has been a dream come true for me, to be able to travel like this and capture these moments in pictures.  If you really look closely, I hope I was able to portray even a glimpse of what we experienced here this week.  So, the following are some of my favorite pictures to sum up our time in this beautiful country with it's beautiful people.



  1. wow! great pics man...I can hardly wait for the sequel!

  2. Great job Rob...incredible photos and heartfelt blogs. But who put the flag & heart on my head? :)